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New Preacher Men CD and Tour Dates


​The new Preacher Men CD "Blue" is available now. Get your copy at our shop by clicking on the "Buy CD" button below, the first CD is also still available.


A ripping saxophone, a deep-growling Hammond organ and back beats that you simply cannot sit still to. Hallelujah to The Preacher Men! After the release in 2016 of their widely acclaimed debut Preaching Out Loud ( ‘The Preacher Men are a new super trio!’, according to Jazzism), and intense gigging, The Preacher Men returned to the studio this spring to record their second album entitled Blue, an ode to the blues. And yes, it refers to the music genre as well as the mood. Captured in nine ‘groovy-blue’ songs, seven of them are brand-new compositions by saxophonist Efraim Trujillo. The legendary engineer/ producer Al Schmitt collaborated with the Dutch trio on some of the recordings.


Now let The Preacher Men take you back to the time of smoky jazz clubs in Chicago and New York. Come and see us live, and let us convert you to our soulful and funky music. So come on, dear beloved brothers & sisters, click on the "Tour dates" button below to check where and when you can attend of our services. Amen!




(Photos by Ferry Knijn/Video Artwork & Editing by Victor de Boo)

Sex, Hammond & Rock 'n Roll - The Ultimate Hammond Top 20 – Theater & Festival Tour

Deep Purple, Steppenwolf, Emmerson Lake & Palmer, Booker T. And The MGs, Santana, Bob Marley, Steve Winwood, Uriah Heep, Procol Harum, Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, The Zombies, Focus, Sly & The Family Stone ... they all have one thing in common. This show is a tribute to the Hammond! The iconic instrument that runs like a thread through the biggest hits in music history. This colossus of an instrument, featuring the distinctive sound of the revolving Leslie speaker, became famous in the 60s and 70s and literally and figuratively set the tone for progressive rock. After hearing the Hammond, many artists from every genre decided to add it to their instrument palette to create an extra dimension in their music. The Hammonf, that can go from hot and sultry to mischievous and fierce, was seen as an extra addition to vocals and guitars and has proven to beindispensable for contemporary pop music. Anyone who wants to add a layer of smoky vintage rock to his/her music needs a Hammond. In this theater show, the Rob Mostert Hammond Group will take you back in time. Many classic rock hits will be reviewed, with a number of contemporary outings, and slowly you will begin to recognize that the Hammond has played a crucial role in your old record collection and that of your parents. Together with the extremely talented musicians within the band and the raw vocals of vocalist Chris Hordijk (The Voice), The Preacher Men will perform the wide range in which the Hammond has made its mark. Come and check us out in a theater near you.


(Photo by: Richard Rood)